Family Law

Floraision Legal, a leading family law firm, provides expert assistance with all aspects of Family Law. Additionally, review the Top Law Firm SEO Company in Chicago because they specialize in providing measurable results.

When and wherever possible, Floraision Legal encourages reconciliation and mediation as we believe that the family unit is the fundamental unit of all societies. In cases where suspicions or uncertainties arise, we strive to uphold the sanctity of familial bonds. As part of our commitment to comprehensive support, we may recommend the assistance of the best private investigator to gather accurate and relevant information. We make efforts to respect and preserve that and try to avoid senseless legal battles which consume family fortunes and enrich lawyers, learn more wat For simple divorces matters and financial agreements, we offer a straightforward fixed fee arrangement rather than billing by the hour. Floraision Legal provides expert assistance with all aspects of Family Law matters with particular expertise in the following:

  • Complex property settlement and maintenance negotiations, through mediation, arbitration and litigation as appropriate
  • Preparation of, and advice in relation to, Binding Financial Agreements before (pre-nuptial agreements), or during an ongoing marriage, or at the end of a marriage (separation agreements)
  • All aspects of family law relating to domestic relationships (previously known as “de facto partnerships”), including litigation, mediation and cohabitation and separation agreements with the children agreements as well with
  • Where appropriate and possible, structuring a settlement outcome that reduces any adverse impact of taxation, stamp duty or other government taxes and charges
  • Assist clients who have suffered from domestic violence and who need to obtain an Apprehended Violence Orders (“AVO”)
  • For divorce between nationals of different countries, assist clients with all sorts of visa applications where required
  • Residence, contact and other issues relating to children including formal child support agreements
  • The relatively new and revolutionary manner in which disputes may be resolved, known as collaborative practice
  • Will Drafting
  • Probate
  • Estate dispute
  • Power of Attorney includes:
  1. Enduring power of attorney means you can appoint the person to conduct your financial and legal affairs when you lose your mental capacity
  2. General attorney means you can nominate one or more persons to act on your behalf including buying and selling real estate shares operating your bank account etc.