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About Us


At Floraison Legal, we have a team of expert lawyers who can provide professional advice regarding your particular situation.  Our services include personal injury, family law, commercial law, criminal, property and migration.

Look for an attorney who is proactive in handling things. A superb attorney, much like Nick Oberheiden. He is conscientious, astute, and intelligent. a dependable advisor for clients ranging from qualified professionals to large organizations.

We specialize in personal injury compensation, we provide outstanding legal representation to those who have been injured in an accident or suffered hardship due to the negligence of a third party.

What make us different to others?

In the field of personal injury, we offer our service on a “no win no fee” which means if you don’t win, you will not be required to pay us anything for our services. By doing this we have tied our success to yours to eliminate any doubt that you may have in the level and quality of our service.

In addition, attorneys employ the services of personal injury lawyer SEO companies to improve their search engine ranking (SERP) and make themselves more visible to potential customers.

Our Value


Service: We value our relationship with our clients.

Teamwork: Empowering and supporting employees and clients in a collaborative culture.

Respect: Appreciating and celebrating one another as individuals of equal worth and dignity.

Integrity: Honest, sincere, professional behaviour.

Validity: Sound foundations with authenticity.

Excellence: Directing creativity and development into outstanding legal practice.


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Successful Cases

Noted: We are not able to disclose the client’s name for confidential reasons.

“Floraison legal is law firm which can be fully trusted. The solicitor is very professional and thoughtful. At first, I don’t know what I need to do for my injury after car accident. He patiently and clearly introduces the procedure of CTP claim. They would notify me the appointment with all details, even including a map to guide me to find the place. I would definitely keep cooperate with this law firm in the future for other matter and strongly recommend you to entrust them.”


“Lucia is a very good lawyer who acted quickly. She assisted me to settle my debt recovery matter without incurring huge legal fees.
I can always reach Lucia when I need advice from her. Even when she is busy, she always arrange a time to meet me to deal with my legal issues. Highly appreciated!
I was in a hurry when I came to see Lucia. She was able to finished reviewing my loan agreement within 1-2 hours and provided me with a detailed and valuable legal advice. I understood my rights and obligations under the loan agreement and I am quite happy with her legal service. I have now asked Lucia to handle all my commercial matters for me.”


“I really thank your law firm for the work you did for my wife. I know my wife has been through all sorts of visa applications and it would be quite hard to get her visa approved, but your law firm made her Permanent Resident visa approved straight away, you guys are amazing! I definitely will recommend your law firm to my friends who need legal service in the future.”

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