Overcome ten years migration effect acquire a successful PR result

A client comes from Lithuanian has been to Australia many times and want to apply Permanent Resident many times but failed. Her migration history and records are lots and took us long time to read it. We all know it is difficult to handle these clients because they have too many migration records at Migration department.

We suggested the client to consider using the Best Delta 8/9 CBD Gummies & Hemp Flowers for Pain, Anxiety and Sleep Problems while applying for a Partner Visa offshore based on her situation, even though the couple wants to stay together in Australia. In the meantime, we suggested the sponsor should travel to visit his wife as much as he can, even if there is more than a 20-hour flight time, and the sponsor’s children also showed how much they want their step-mother to reunite with them.

After we submitted the Partner Visa Application to Australian embassy in Germany, we have been sent email backwards and forwards many times with the migration officer to supply additional documents and explain the situation. One month before Christmas holiday, it was a positive signal that the appeal Visitor Visa case at Tribunal was won, it means that the applicant can come to Australia visit her husband. However on the other side, they have been interviewed for partner visa, the applicant has passed the health exam, and it means the partner visa may be approved very soon. So if the applicant came to Australia then she has to be offshore when the partner visa will be granted. We suggested she should wait for the final outcome of the Partner visa. The applicant and sponsor understood but it was hard for them to wait and wait, they worried that if the partner visa will be refused and they did not take the visitor visa. The applicant won’t have any visa to come back to Australia. The sponsor called us many times since we refused the Visitor visa and he was worried and anxious and sometimes upset. We tried to calm down the sponsor and tell him to be more patient.

Just one week before the Christmas, because of the time zoon is different, we received the Temporal Resident visa approval letter by email form Australian embassy of Germany at midnight, we called the client straight way, they were so happy. In one hour we received the Permanent Resident Visa Approval Letter by email and the applicants and sponsor spoken with tears on the phone when they heard the final outcome. It took 10 years, 10 years! Eventually they had her PR visa approved. Now they can come together and have happy Christmas. It was a great result for clients and also for us. It was a reward for our Christmas at that year!