Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle settled for $200,000.00

In December 2016, Client A experienced a traumatic incident when they were struck by a motor vehicle while crossing a pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately, the motor vehicle failed to stop in time, resulting in a collision with the pedestrian. As a consequence of the accident, Client A sustained whiplash injuries, and that’s why pedestrian markings are important so using resources from sites like is the best choice.

In November 2017, Floraison Legal, a legal firm, successfully resolved Client A’s case through an Informal Settlement Conference. The settlement amount reached was $200,000.00. This outcome brought satisfaction to the client, as they now have the means to move forward and potentially regain a sense of normalcy in their life.

The settlement not only acknowledges the impact of the accident on Client A but also aims to compensate them for the physical and emotional distress they endured. Floraison Legal’s successful resolution demonstrates their commitment to advocating for their clients’ rights and obtaining fair compensation.

With the settlement amount obtained, Client A can utilize the funds to address medical expenses, therapy costs, or any other necessary support they require during their recovery process. It is hoped that this compensation provides the client with the opportunity to rebuild their life and move forward positively.

Floraison Legal’s achievement in reaching a favorable settlement for Client A highlights their dedication to providing effective legal representation and securing just outcomes for their clients in personal injury cases.